Friday, 2 November 2012

The New Beginning

Hello and welcome for visiting my first post of a new beginning. 

This page is made specially for advertising my arts and work as a photographer.
I've hold a camera for quite to long but never really going to to make a big business out of it.
Now I am making a move to expand my skills as a photographer.

The services I provide are the Basic of Photography where I produce quality with great colors and angle.

Providing soft copy to my customer, I also add a photo printing service and Photobook album.

Here is a price list of the service I provided.

Types of Service
Free Photography (1 hour)
with Editing (softcopy only)
RM 70
Event Photography (1 event/1 day)
with Editing (softcopy only)
RM 100
Portrait Photography (1 person)
(for Poster and etc)
with Editing (softcopy only)
RM 3 (per head)
Group Photography (more than 10)
with Editing (softcopy only)
RM 30

I have also provide photo printing service, and here is the price list.

Printing (Size)
Price (per piece)
RM 1
RM 4
RM 6
RM 8
8R (wide)
RM 9
RM 15
10R (wide)
RM 17
RM 19
RM 20
12R (wide)
RM 25
RM 35
16R (wide)
RM 38
RM 55
20R (wide)
RM 65
RM 75
24R (wide)
RM 90
*the price are still negotiable depending on how much photo are going to be printed.

A custom photo book design and printing are also provided depending on the size.

Photobook Package
6x8 – 1 page
RM 9
6x8 – 20 page
RM 140
6x8 – 40 page
RM 250 (include hard cover)
6x8 – hard cover
RM 30

8x12 – 1 page
RM 11
8x12 – 20 page
RM 200
8x12 – 40 page
RM 350 (include hard cover)
8x12 – hard cover
RM 40

10x15 – 1 page
RM 13
10x15 – 20 page
RM 250
10x15 – 40 page
RM 450 (include hard cover)
10x15 – hard cover
RM 65

12x18 – 1 page
RM 17
12x18 – 20 page
RM 320
12x18 – 40 page
RM 600 (include hard cover)
12x18 – hard cover
RM 80

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