Friday, 21 December 2012

Raimi & Fatin Wedding

Majlis Perkahwinan
Raimi & Fatin

Majlis Belulut - 15 December 2012

Majlis Persandingan - 16 December 2012 

Outdoor Shots

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Dinner With CM of N9

On the 21 November of 2012.
 Dinner with the Chief Minister of Negeri 9.
YAB Dato Sri Utama Haji Mohamad bin Haji Hassan.
Event that was organize by Anak Negeri 9 from UNIMAS (PEMANIS).

Thanks to one of the comity. :)
Malex Photography was invited to be one of the official photographers for this event.
Here are some of the shots by me. :)
YAB Dato Sri Utama Haji Mohamad bin Haji Hassan

Entertainment for the night.

The atmosphere during the dinner.

The Official Cheque welfare of N9 student at UNIMAS.

A talk with some of the student.

Events is one of the things I do.
I would run here and there to get great angles for a picture.
An event photographer has to compete with other photographer in order to get a great shot.
I have tried my best and thank god for this job I did. :)

If you want me to be your event photographer.
Please book. :D

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Liyana Allen Razali Engagement

First of all, I would like to congratulate Miss Nur Liyana Razali for her engagement.
And thank you for choosing this so "rookie" service for her event. :D

Here are some of the shots on the day

If you like what you are seeing, please contact me to be your photographer. :)
I'm just a rookie who is still learning, but I give extra effort to get the shot you wanted.
Color and angel are my priority, got to work more on the pose. :D
See ya.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Malek Abdullah Rashid's photostream

Faz & Hazri Post WedFaz & Hazri Post WedFaz & Hazri Post WedFaz & Hazri Post WedFaz & Hazri Post WedFaz & Hazri Post Wed
Faz & Hazri Post WedFaz & Hazri Post WedFaz & Hazri Post WedFaz & Hazri Post WedFaz & Hazri Post WedFaz & Hazri Post Wed
Faz & Hazri Post WedFaz & Hazri Post WedFaz & Hazri Post Wed

Some of my work shots

The New Beginning

Hello and welcome for visiting my first post of a new beginning. 

This page is made specially for advertising my arts and work as a photographer.
I've hold a camera for quite to long but never really going to to make a big business out of it.
Now I am making a move to expand my skills as a photographer.

The services I provide are the Basic of Photography where I produce quality with great colors and angle.

Providing soft copy to my customer, I also add a photo printing service and Photobook album.

Here is a price list of the service I provided.

Types of Service
Free Photography (1 hour)
with Editing (softcopy only)
RM 70
Event Photography (1 event/1 day)
with Editing (softcopy only)
RM 100
Portrait Photography (1 person)
(for Poster and etc)
with Editing (softcopy only)
RM 3 (per head)
Group Photography (more than 10)
with Editing (softcopy only)
RM 30

I have also provide photo printing service, and here is the price list.

Printing (Size)
Price (per piece)
RM 1
RM 4
RM 6
RM 8
8R (wide)
RM 9
RM 15
10R (wide)
RM 17
RM 19
RM 20
12R (wide)
RM 25
RM 35
16R (wide)
RM 38
RM 55
20R (wide)
RM 65
RM 75
24R (wide)
RM 90
*the price are still negotiable depending on how much photo are going to be printed.

A custom photo book design and printing are also provided depending on the size.

Photobook Package
6x8 – 1 page
RM 9
6x8 – 20 page
RM 140
6x8 – 40 page
RM 250 (include hard cover)
6x8 – hard cover
RM 30

8x12 – 1 page
RM 11
8x12 – 20 page
RM 200
8x12 – 40 page
RM 350 (include hard cover)
8x12 – hard cover
RM 40

10x15 – 1 page
RM 13
10x15 – 20 page
RM 250
10x15 – 40 page
RM 450 (include hard cover)
10x15 – hard cover
RM 65

12x18 – 1 page
RM 17
12x18 – 20 page
RM 320
12x18 – 40 page
RM 600 (include hard cover)
12x18 – hard cover
RM 80